Configuration of Scheduler Service

I have done multiple Discovery Hub Installations at a number of clients and there is always one particular item that the client gets hung up on. 

Configuring the Discovery Hub Scheduler Service. 


Currently one has to use the TXService account and log onto the Application/Discovery Hub Server using this account and connect Discovery Hub to the project repository, which allows Discovery Hub to create the encrypted connection file under the TXService account's user folder. 

Many Clients do not allow developer access to the TXService account and it is against best practices to use a service account for development. So often times the client configures the connection to the projectrepository using their developer account and the issue of the Discovery Hub Scheduler Service's failure to start is prevalent across lots of installations. 

My request is that Discovery hub eliminates the need to explicitly log into the TXService account on the box and connect to the repository using the tool. It would be great if a developer account could manage/configure this connection via the Discovery Hub tool, but utilizing any developer account. They would merely have a configuration tab for the Service account in which TimeXtender could then generate its encrypted connection file in the correct folder structure. 

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