Automate multiple Incemental rules

Some source systems require you to add multiple incremental selection rules. For example when there is a date_created and a date_updated field where the date_updated is null until there is an actual update on the row.

Currently you can only use the automate->load incremental feature to create AND relationships, causing you to have to set the second rule on all tables by hand. Therefore I suggest any of the below features to speed up this process:

A) allowing the automate -> set up incremental to be performed for a table twice (or more), creating an OR relation if you do so. (Perhaps hide it behind a checkbox for advanced users to keep the interface clean for simpler systems)

B) allow us to copy an incremental selection rule between two tables if the incremental field exists in both.

C) be able to declare a selection rule that we created as generally applicable to all tables in a specific source system (a more up-front approach)

(originally discussed this in https://support.timextender.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/205686323-More-complex-custom-incremental-selection-rules?page=1#community_comment_360008133091)

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