Use Stored proc as TX object like Tables and Views

Dear Developer Team,

recenty we needed to create a table which could not be built by the normal TX procedures.
The origin was a table which needs to get unpivoted in the next layer and above this highly abstract which forced us to use a lot of dynamic SQL.
This means - we could not get this done in a view, also not in a table valued function.
The only way was a stored proc with a set of parameters to let the dynamic resultsets run to a destination table.

Since it is not possible to use the stored proc as a datasource for the next layer we started the procedure  on a Postscript event of the destination table.
The procedure is called several times in the script action - each with a different set of parameters.
This works so far - but actually the realization is not as transparent as TimeXtender usually shows the dataflow.

So what about allow a stored proc as like a normal data source in the layer.
Ok - not every stored proc gives back as a resultset, but this should be enabled by the user.

If this is worth to solve - maybe think also about table valued functions which always give back a resultset.
This should also be possible with this kind of functions.

Dirk Ennenbach


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