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our DH setup consists of multi-layered datawarehouse whereas BI client (tableau ) only interfaces the upper tier: MDW DWH.

Having semantic layer for each dashboards (we have quite a few), we would like to move out of the single core TX project with multiple semantic layers to a project for each dashboard (semantic layer). 

By doing so, we can make sure that each developer works on his own project without "stepping on each other toes" (I'm aware of collabaration features of TX) and keeping our core project unharmed. 

So, the challenge is how to reuse objects created in the core project (preferably VIEW to reduce space/redundencies) in entire new project (same server/database)

My approach was creating a new project, add MDW datawarehouse and then utilize External SQL Connection to connect to the same DWH (transfer type connection). I've also created a seperate database schema with valid behaivor. 

The problem we ran in was that designated table was the same as similar table in the daatabae. error was occurred



 My questions: 

1) Is there a smarter way (probably!) to reuse objects in projects?

2) Is it actually good practice? or should i go back to one project containing all 


Love to hear your take one it


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