Update to Deployment Dialog

I just wanted to suggest a minor UI tweak that I think would be very helpful in the long run.  It's not uncommon to deferentially deploy the project or a whole database to commit changes, or during migration, or after an upgrade. During this process, it can be very challenging to figure out if any tables are being deployed. 

Here's the current dialog box: 

Note that Adventure DWH is checked because security is deployed every time. Deploying security is fine, but that means if you want to determine if any tables are being deployed you will have to scroll through potentially hundreds or even thousands of tables to see if even one of them requires a change.  Doing this (or exporting deployment steps) every time you deploy a database or the project is tedious and time-consuming.  

The problem could easily be fixed by making the deployment dialog look a bit more like the object tree instead: 

I feel this would be a small but important quality of life upgrade that would ultimately save Discovery Hub users a lot of time and stress. 


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