Improve MS Dynamics BC/NAV Adapter Account Changes

We are using the Navision adapter extensively with several accounts in Navision/BC. It seems that the Nav adapter uses the Nav Account Name to reference the objects in the Nav database.

We are now looking to update and change the Account Name of some of these companies in Nav.

We see that it creates issues with incremental tables, history tables and snapshot tables when a company changes name in Nav/BC. So a change of the company name in BC will update the value in the Company table and then rename all the table objects to reflect this change. This would add duplicate records in both incremental, history and snapshot tables.

In BC they now have a unique company id field called "Id". So even if the company name changes, this id will be unchanged.

A better setup of this adapter would be to use this id as the DW_Account on all objects in TX. Then it doesn't matter if the company name changes in Nav/BC. TX would use this id internally on all objects, but reference the table object with the value in the Company.Name field.


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