Qlik endpoint for clustered environments

Recently I found out that the TimeXtender implementation of the Qlik endpoint bypasses the Qlik Load balancing. In the ideal situation the following workflow would happen:

  1. In TX end-point we add the hostname of the Qlik Central node
  2. When the TX endpoint is exectuted, TX calls the central node
  3. Central node distributes the task to one of the available nodes for execution

Currently however, the hostname that is called will always be the node that executes. This is even the case when the central node is set to Master only and therefore should not be performing any reload tasks whatsoever.

I suspect this happens because TimeXtender calls the app:Reload endpoint in Qlik. Perhaps it would be possible to have the TX deploy create a task in Qlik that is then called on execute using the task:Start API endpoint.

In any case, TimeXtender should work with Qlik in such a way that it allows the load balancing of Qlik to do it's job in order to facilitate bigger enterprise size architectures.

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