ODX to DW Individual Field additions to existing table

When dragging a table from the ODX to a DW using the secondary mouse button, we are able to use a field selection dialogue to choose the specific fields we would like to add to the new DW table.

However, if I have an existing table, there is not an easy way to add just one or two fields as needed.  Instead I have to synchronize the ODX table to the DW table, which will add all the remaining fields.  Then, I need to delete the extra fields which are not needed.  In some cases, this could be 150+ fields!

Ideally, I'd LOVE to see the traditional Data Selection pane being used here.  That is an outstanding feature which is sorely missed in ODX projects.  Especially the ability to preview the data and select fields right from that preview.  I understand that doesn't really fit with how the ODX functions, but the ability to select individual fields to add to an existing table is a must have.


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