Schema assignment to mulitple tables

When dragging additional tables from the ODX into the SA (or from the SA to MDW) they'll pickup the Default DB Schema, this is expected behaviour of course.  However, I have other Schema's in that database which need to be assigned to these new Tables.

Currently I have to manually change the schema for each Table, one-by-one… is there a way around that? I couldn’t select multiple tables in the SA/MDW for a bulk change, and I can’t drag a schema onto a table.


  1. muliitple-table-select in the SA/MDW with right-click to assign a different schema
  2. drag single/mulitple Tables across with the right-mouse button so when you release you get the usual pop-up context sensitive menu which allows you to select the desired schema

Option 2 sounds like a consistent approach in the current interface, but doesn't help if you need to change existing tables later in the project (to avoid some unforeseen conflict) - up to the Dev Team of course, but I think you'd agree that there needs to be a more efficient method to re-schema 100 Tables.  It may be true that both options are required, or a 3rd option that I've not considered (that you're already working on...ideally!)

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