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Custom tranfsormation window: use courier font CalmCo Support 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Expand Failure Handling Bas Bruil 4 comments 1 vote Completed
Please allow for a full reload in packages Peter Schmitz 3 comments 3 votes Completed
Smart Lookup setting Jan Bøllingtoft 4 comments 0 votes Completed
Periodical Full Load CalmCo Support 7 comments 3 votes Completed
Auto-expand newly added custom transform, condition, join etc... CalmCo Support 2 comments 2 votes Completed
"Jump to" feature for lookup fields Kurt Denolf 1 comment 1 vote Completed
Deploy and execute in background Bjørn Götter 3 comments 1 vote Completed
Table relation on system fields Andri Pall Heidberg 3 comments 4 votes Completed
Custom Field improvement: autoselect Unicode when source is unicode CalmCo Support 5 comments 6 votes Completed
Update new lookup fields in a table Jesper Vork 2 comments 1 vote Completed
Writing foreign key relations to SQL Jan Bøllingtoft 9 comments 2 votes Completed
Allow creation of multiple relations between table Jan Bøllingtoft 3 comments 2 votes Completed
Tracing on 'Custom views with field/tablemappings' is not working - please correct this Kurt Denolf 1 comment 4 votes Completed
Qlikview adapter - open in new window functionality not available Kurt Denolf 0 comments 0 votes Completed
Drag entire views folder to create data movement CalmCo Support 4 comments 3 votes Completed
Drag and drop field on another field to create custom transformation CalmCo Support 2 comments 2 votes Completed
SSAS Advanced Security Lars Rasmussen 4 comments 1 vote Completed
Display the Environment Name Miha Sumi 1 comment 3 votes Completed
Suggest joins when adding second lookup in existing lookup field CalmCo Support 3 comments 1 vote Completed
Limit records imported during development / testing Chris Clifford 5 comments 4 votes Completed
Sorting Data Movements Miha Sumi 2 comments 1 vote Completed
Add Empty condition on top drop-downlist Dirk Westdorp 0 comments 0 votes Completed
Default settings for lookups Lars Rasmussen 9 comments 3 votes Completed
Cube & Dimension browser; options to show only first 1000 results or quit query Dirk Westdorp 1 comment 1 vote Completed
Allow selection of integer type in Edit custom column Mikhail Onqa 2 comments 0 votes Completed
Full control of Primary keys and FK relationships on DW database Páll Björnsson 2 comments 3 votes Completed
SELECT DISTINCT Melinda Cole 2 comments 4 votes Completed
Perspectives Jesper Vork 4 comments 4 votes Completed
Allow for different security between prod/test in multi environment transfer TVG Tom Vergote 1 comment 0 votes Completed