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Multi-Select capabilities David Zebrowitz 20 comments 31 votes None
Option to directly execute Full load on incremental table Bas Hopstaken 5 comments 17 votes None
Add table partitioning for SSAS Tabular model Bas Hopstaken 2 comments 17 votes None
Automated, regular cleanup of execution logs Stuart Cuthbertson 3 comments 16 votes None
Ability to Customize Decimal Scale In Numeric Fields Jake Entrekin 13 comments 16 votes Planned
Tabular Object-Level Security Doug Wynkoop 6 comments 13 votes None
Support for calculated tables in tabular models (semantic layer) Soeren Schubert 5 comments 13 votes None
Visualize semantic models and it's relations Andri Páll Heiðberg 1 comment 13 votes None
Dedicated settings for snapshot tables Andri Páll Heiðberg 17 comments 13 votes Planned
Clean up of old projects versions Jens Jørn Mikkelsen 3 comments 13 votes Not planned
Add indicator / icon when custom scripts is used Bas Hopstaken 4 comments 12 votes None
Be able to set Summarize By property for fields for SSAS Tabular endpoints Rory Smith 2 comments 12 votes Planned
Add unpivot feature Bas Hopstaken 2 comments 12 votes None
LEFT KEEP support for Qlik adapter CalmCo Support 9 comments 12 votes None
Surrogate keys - Input for default values where we can set DW_Id = -1 Andri Páll Heiðberg 7 comments 12 votes None
Relation diagram in semantic layer Bas Hopstaken 4 comments 11 votes Answered
Clone Semantic Model Bas Hopstaken 1 comment 11 votes None
Import (tabular model) .bim files into semantic layer Soeren Schubert 1 comment 11 votes None
Compare two saves Emily Wynkoop 6 comments 11 votes Planned
Execute a single data source CalmCo Support 2 comments 11 votes None
Relation Diagram based on total layer Rik Miltenburg 3 comments 11 votes None
Generate documentation for project perspective Bas Hopstaken 1 comment 11 votes None
Checkboxes with "select all" option for SQL snippets upgrade Andri Páll Heiðberg 3 comments 11 votes None
Add Undo feature Dror Svartzman 2 comments 10 votes None
Possibilty to execute scripts like python, powelshell as a custom script execution Ravi Kumar 2 comments 10 votes None
Be able to execute tables inside a semantic model Rory Smith 0 comments 10 votes None
Errors and Warnings David Zebrowitz 4 comments 10 votes Planned
Enable show system control fields retroactive Jacob Ross Andersen 1 comment 10 votes None
Information of failed transfer of data sources with relaxed error handling Jan Bøllingtoft 5 comments 10 votes None
Clone dimensions within and between semantic models stijn.vannieuwenborgh 5 comments 9 votes None