20.10.x Theobald DeltaQ with ODX Server and updated records

  • 15 March 2023
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We are running DeltaQ in ODX Server (20.10.35) to extract BSEG+BKPF data incrementally, but we are noticing that updates to records are not coming through. This is probably due to PK clashes when transporting to DSA. What happens is that after a process in SAP a document number is added to the transaction, this update may happen many days after the initial booking and we want to avoid having to reload huge chunks of data to DSA.

It looks like the option Add Serialization Info to Output could help us, but this does not seem to add the expected  RequestID, DataPackageID and RowCounter fields to the output. Is this option actually supported?


1 reply

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Hi @fwagner ,

do you perhaps have experience with this (or know whether this is broken)?