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  • 18 August 2023
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In the old version of TX (20.10) it is possible to set up an external SQL connection in a business unit under Sources, so that tables from an external database can be used in a TX project without extracting them from mentioned database. TX will then deploy those external tables as views pointing directly to the source database, which can even be on another server (‘linked server’).

I cannot find external SQL connections in the latest version of TX. Can anyone confirm if this feature is available or not, and do we know if this in the product roadmap?


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3 replies

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Hi @antan,


this feature is indeed not available in the new release. It has certainly been suggested, but where it is on the roadmap is something TimeXtender can answer.

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Hi @antan ,

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the V6XXX versions like @rory.smith  mentioned. As a workaround, you can create them as separate connections. And you can use mapping sets to automatically map tables.


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If I remember, the reason is that we do not want data coming in to a DWH from other locations than the ODX.

There have been some ideas about making the ODX contain the data and having the DWH just be views based on this, so there would be no transfers between ODX and DWH. I do not know what the current status is, but it has been discussed more than once.

There has also been some ideas about pulling data between data warehouse instances, but I do not personally see any benefits, especially if the above suggestion gets applied.