Access New Data Management Capabilities with Exmon!

  • 5 February 2024
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Access New Data Management Capabilities with Exmon!
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Dear TimeXtender Community,

We are thrilled to announce TimeXtender's strategic acquisition of Exmon, a company renowned for its expertise in data governance and master data management. This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive and efficient data management solutions.

With this acquisition, we are excited to introduce three new products that will significantly enhance your data management capabilities:

Data Orchestration
This tool will revolutionize the way you manage and control TimeXtender execution processes. It offers a visual analysis of data flows, integrates directly with TimeXtender jobs, execution packages and 3rd party tools allowing you to customize instant notifications at any point in your data pipeline. You can now visualize data issues directly in Exmon or with your preferred tool, control all data processes across environments, and enjoy features like on-demand data refresh and smart troubleshooting.

Master Data Management
Stop managing critical master data, budgets, and mapping tables in random excel files. Let Exmon’s Master Data Management solution be your home for homeless data with powerful tools and automations that enable you to securely manage this critical part of your business. Setup automations, data quality, dynamic rules and alerts to efficiently delegate data update tasks through our intuitive portal.

Data Governance & Data Quality

Do you regularly run validation queries against key data assets after nightly loads or migrations? Exmon’s Data Governance tool ensures data accuracy, consistency, and completeness, reducing compliance risks and establishing clear governance policies. Perform timely validation of critical data and configure dynamic alerts to the right people if data is not up to snuff.


Unlock End-to-End TimeXtender Orchestration

An exclusive version of process orchestration restricted to TimeXtender jobs and execution packages is now part of your TimeXtender SaaS license. With this addition to our product family, TimeXtender customers can now easily schedule and monitor End-to-end processing of their ODX, data warehouse, and semantic models.

Sign-in to the TimeXtender portal and request access today! Or if your organization is already using Exmon, ask your company admin to add you.


For additional functionality you can access the full power of the above solutions by purchasing them separately, or as part of the TimeXtender Premium or Enterprise package. Check out the pricing page for more info. 

These new offerings will empower you to achieve your data management goals with greater ease and speed. We are confident that these tools will help you turn data into actionable insights more efficiently than ever before.
We look forward to supporting you in this exciting new chapter of data management excellence.

Best regards,
The TimeXtender Team

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