Adding a Data Source in the TimeXtender Desktop

  • 30 January 2023
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A data source is automatically created in TimeXtender Desktop when a data source connection is mapped to an ODX instance in the TimeXtender Portal. This article describes how to manually add data sources in TimeXtender Desktop using existing data source connections that have been mapped to ODX instances.


Ensure that the data source connection has been added in the TimeXtender Portal, and is mapped to an ODX instance, before attempting to add the Data Source in TimeXtender Desktop. 

Adding a Data Source in TimeXtender Desktop

This guide describes how to add a new data source on TimeXtender Desktop

  1. Double-click on your ODX instance
  2. Right-click “Data Sources” > Add Data Source
  1. Enter the Name and Description of the data source.


  1. Select the Connection from available connections you have configured in TimeXtender Portal.

Go through Table selection, define a Transfer task if needed.  For additional details, refer to Tasks in an ODX Instance

On-Demand Data Warehouse Ingestion

Warning: On-Demand does not currently support ADF data sources

When ‘Data on demand’ option is enabled (in TX Desktop Data Source > Advanced Settings), the data source will transfer data into ODX storage before the MDW ingests the data.  This will work without configuring an explicit "Transfer task" under the data source

  1. Right-click on your data source > Edit
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Check the box Data on demand


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