Overview of Data Sources and Provider Types

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This article describes the different provider types for data sources in TimeXtender. Often there are multiple ways to connect to a data source, and several provider types to choose from. This article aims to provide an overview of the different options available to help inform decision-making around provider selection.

Provider Types

An ODX instance can connect to a data source through one of five different types of providers:

  • TimeXtender enhanced: TimeXtender's own providers with tweaks and improvements that usually makes this the best choice if one is available for your data source.
  • Managed ADO.NET: Providers from CData, a third-party supplier of drivers and providers for connecting to a massive amount of different systems. For help with setting up CData providers, please refer to CData online documentation for ADO.NET providers at https://www.cdata.com/kb/help/
  • Local ADO.NET: Providers installed on the machine that are built on ADO.NET 
  • Local OLE DB: Providers installed on the machine that supports the OLE DB standard 


  • ADF: Providers from TimeXtender that use Azure Data Factory for transferring data.



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