What is a Data Staging Area?

  • 7 February 2023
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A data staging area is a storage area between the data sources and a data warehouse.

The staging area is mainly used to quickly extract data from its data sources, minimizing the impact on the sources.

In TimeXtender, the ODX Server stores the data read from the Data Sources into a Data Lake or SQL storage

In TimeXtender, you can load directly between ODX and MDW data warehouse. 

You may create an extra MDW instance for staging purpose, an optional storage area between the ODX and the final MDW instance data warehouse.  After data has been loaded into the staging MDW instance, you may combine data from multiple data sources and apply transformations, validations and data cleansing. Data is often transformed and de-normalized before loading into the final MDW instance data warehouse.

The usage of a staging is optional.  It is just a way of keeping the data warehouse clean without any business logic on the tables inside the data warehouse. 

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