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  • 25 July 2023
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I normally use Custom transformation (CASE statements) when I need to populate a field based on multiple conditions, in this case multiple “OR” conditions (Logical disjunction) . It was brought to my attention not to use CASE statements in Custom transformations. 
So I have below an example using a fixed value transformation but I want to add two conditions to populate only when it is ‘FL’ or ‘OL’. When I add these conditions the conditions are on separate lines but still TX makes an “AND” logic of it so instead of (like ‘FL%’ or like ‘OL%’) it translate it to (like ‘FL%’ & like ‘OL%’). 
How can I get the “OR” instead of “AND”? 




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Hi @Lorenzo ,

For each OR condition you can create the same value as a transformation and then apply the condition. As an example:

This example shows  2 OR conditions for which the value of Category is “A”. Instead of using fixed values you can of course also use a custom transformation 2 or more times and put the OR conditions on that.

Hope this helps.

Greets, Rogier

Great thx, got it.