Add related records, no relation between tables

  • 13 September 2021
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I am unable to use the Add related records on a table. I get the error message "There is no relation between table-A and the table table-B".

I have added a condition where the key in both tables should be equal. I have also tried creating a relation between the two tables in both directions but no luck.

There is no mention in the docs that it is needed to add a relation before adding related records.

I am getting a Warning that the source table is executed after the destination table.

What am I doing wrong?


Best answer by Thomas Lind 14 September 2021, 15:58

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3 replies

Might be worth mentioning is that table A is filled by a table insert from another table.

Solved it my self! I just hadn't scrolled down to table B in the Conditions window. So I had a condition saying table_A.key = table_A.key.

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Hi Martin

While the guide does mention relations, it does not show what you need to do to set these up.
Like so

When you try to find the one that is related you get the same view, but need to scroll down to find the correct field to join with.