An item with the same key has already been added

  • 9 May 2023
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Dear Support,

The reload in TimeXtender is giving the error: An item with the same key has already been added.

It seems to be that one column is mapped on two different columns in the same table.

Is there a quick solution to find the column which is causing this error?


Thanks in advance!





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Hi Christian

Depending on when you experience this error it may be based on the DW instance instead of a single table.

When do you get this error and is it possible for you to close and open the project many times?


Hi @Thomas Lind ,

Thank you for your reply. I found the solution myself. 

Another person in the project has added 3 tables for testing purpose. He said these tables could be deleted. So I did. I also used the database clean up tool to drop these tables.

Now, when I execute the execution package the package succeeded.


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Hi @christian.koeken are you able to close and open the project? if so please try a full load on the table, by right clicking on the table and deploy and execute, and then selecting review tasks and make sure the checkbox next to the deployment step is selected. Please note a full load on an incremental table will load all the records