Connecting Rest API with changed parameter in RSD file

  • 23 March 2023
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I'm following the steps explained on this page (, but I can't figure out. 



I have to get for all station weather data from DW. An example for stationnummer 10184 like this:


You can find the all station list here: 


What I did?

first I set up a dataset for the sample station 10184 and got the ‘days.rsd’ file. Then I made some changes in ‘days_changed’ file(it doesnt work). And I coudnt generate it. 





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2 replies

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Hi Erdem

I made a change I see as working. However there is a reason what you attempt to do is at the bottom of a large article.

It has limited use cases. I made an new version of the article in this community and here I explain how it can be used for the ODX with a query slicer.

What I would suggest though, is to do a nested call to get the list of values an apply it like that.


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Hi @ebay has the issue been resolved? If so can you please help us by marking the best answer above. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions