Each date as individual row based on from and to dates

  • 19 February 2024
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I am in the proces of migrating old Power BI managed data sources to our data warehouse in TimeXtender. However, in power query I use a function called List.Dates to create a row for each data between two dates. The data in this situation is sick days. Example below of what I need it to become:


Sickdatefrom SickdateTo Sickday
1-1-2024 3-1-2024 1-1-2024
1-1-2024 3-1-2024 2-1-2024


In summary: I need to be able to add the Sickday column in TimeXtender just like I do in Power Query. I couldn't find anything online related to this subject. I am reading all thsis data from a CSV file by the way.


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Hi @r.depagter 

Do you need it before it goes into the DW instance or is it something that needs to be in place for the SSL instance?

If it is for the SSL instance you can create a custom view using the Date table to fill the dates between the start and stop date.

Like I explain in this old guide