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  • 23 July 2019
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After manually executing a package, where do I find a log that shows the # of rows processed per table?  I'm trying to verify my incremental loads are working properly


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Hi Mark, great question! You can do this a few ways. 

  1. Preview the Table, At the bottom of the preview dialogue, click the "instance" drop-down and select Raw. Then click Count Rows. This will tell you how many rows exist in the raw table. This will indicate how many rows were loaded during the last incremental execution.


  2. Execution Overview Log. Right-click on the table > View execution overview log. At the top, change the "measures" drop-down to "Raw rows". This will show a bar chart of the last few executions. You can also change the measures drop-down to "valid rows" to compare what was loaded incrementally vs, how many total records in the table.


Is there any way to alert or e-mail if row counts are off between the source and target tables like when packages fail?

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@jenniferrussell sorry for the late reply. We do not have an email notification for row count deltas out of the box. But you might be able to implement a workaround using a PowerShell script (the latest version of TimeXtender supports the execution and scheduling of PowerShell scripts)