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  • 24 January 2023
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I have a list that maps product_codes to product_ID's.

What I would like to create is a Key Store that, when fed a product_code from the list, produces the same product_ID and when fed a new code (so not in list) produces a supernatural_key as usual. 

Is it possible to force the keystore to create the ID's as shown above? 


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2 replies

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Hey @sierd.zuiderveld 


thank you for your question! 🚀


Yes, you can absolutely do that, and it is exactly what a Key Store does.


So the two steps to accomplish this is to

Adding a Key Store (based on Product_Code)

and then Adding a Supernatural Key Field which will look up the Product_ID.


Does this work for you?


Best Regards,


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Hey @sierd.zuiderveld, did you manage to resolve the issue using the steps recommended by Frank above? If so could you please mark Frank’s answer as best answer? This can be done by clicking “Best answer” as shown below.

 If you are still are unable to solve the issue, please let us know