Format standard measure to hh:mm format.

  • 12 January 2018
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I am having a OLAP cube and a standard measure which needs to be in hh:mm format. currently the number is coming in float. Guidance much appreciated.


Best answer by Thomas Lind 18 January 2018, 08:29

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Hi Jyothi

Just so everybody who reads this question knows it is possible to solve.

The solution to this is, you set up the format as hh:mm:ss. You cant find it in the list, but manually typing it in will work.

Before you us this, you need to divide your measure with a fraction of a day. So Seconds is 86400 (60*60*24), minutes is 1440 (60*24) and hours is 24.

Hi Thomas,

It worked as expected. I'm glad that you gave me a solution.