Is TimeXtender compatible with SQL Server 2022?

  • 7 February 2023
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While running trials of TimeXtender it is fairly common to run against SQL Server Developer Edition. As SQL Server 2022 has been GA since last November, this is the version people will generally be installing.

Finding 2019 is fairly hard. I have noticed that the 20.10.37 ODX Server is perfectly happy, but that TimeXtender 20.10.39 gave me an “Unsupported version of SQL” error, even with databases running in SQL 2019 compatibility level. Is this supposed to be the case?

Azure SQL DB is 2022 under the hood, even if SELECT @@VERSION states something else.


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4 replies

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Hi Rory,

Thank you for your feedback. Our engineering team is aware of this important request and SQL 2022 support is expected in near future.

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Hello @rory.smith Thank you for your engagement in TimeXtender community. 

As you pointed out, TimeXtender latest version is not yet compatible with SQL 2022. It's one of the high priority items our product team is working on and will be supported in near future.

Meanwhile, in our new training platform, we have hosted a copy of SQL 2019 for easy access. 

Sandbox - TimeXtender Training

Here is a direct download link from our server. 

Hope this helps. 

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thanks for clarifying. If only I could split Best Answer I would give you half each!

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Hi @rory.smith 

With the latest release of TimeXtender desktop, support for SQL server 2022 is added.

You can download the latest version from Portal - TimeXtender Training

Please find the release notes below.