Issue with running scheduled jobs

  • 16 November 2023
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We have created several jobs on our ODX and several jobs on our DataWarehouse. The ODX jobs are running correctly based on schedule, but the Datawarehouse jobs never run since there is a schedule.

We've also deployed and saved our project, so that should not be the problem.



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4 replies

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Hi @r.miltenburg ,


assuming you are running the new release: is your Execution service running?

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Adding to that, you need to be sure the execution service points to the DW and SSL instances and the lock haven’t been taken on another server running the execution service.

This is only relevant if you run with more than one server, say a ODX server and multiple TimeXtender installations pointing at this ODX.

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Hi @r.miltenburg 

As Thomas mentions, please try selecting the relevant Data Warehouse and Semantic model instances by running the TimeXtender Execution Server Configuration tool as described here:


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