Location of Errors and Warnings Messages

  • 2 June 2022
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Dear Community
If I'm clicking on Report->Errors or Warnings then I see a fulll list of them. Where are those records stored? In which table can I find them ?

My problem is that once forgot to check the "Error" manually, therefore I want to create a script which regularly should check if errors exists.

But wo far, I couldn't the table/view/place where this Infos are stored.

Any ideas?






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Hi Alex, Great question. This data is stored in the Targe Database in the <TableName>_L and <TableName>_M tables. 

  1. The List Table (_L) - Holds the list of all DW_IDs of rows in the raw table that were flagged by a data validation rule.
  2. The Messages Table (_M) - Includes a description of why each record in the List table was flagged.

Hope that helps!