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  • 23 March 2023
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We are using Business unit to land our data in the DW. We have a few columns where we need to obfuscate some of the data.

At what point should a script action be placed to update the field in the raw table prior to the data being moved into the valid table, so our script does not need to include an update to the field in both the raw and valid table. 

the script uses UPDATE table SET column


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2 replies

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In a non-incremental table you should be able to use either Execute Post ADO.Net transfer or Pre-Data cleansing rules. I am not sure what the exact difference between the two is, it may be that the first is pre-Transformation View and the other is post.

If you have an incremental table you probably also need to do something for the full load scenario because that happens in the Deploy phase partially.

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