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  • 8 November 2023
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In one of my projects, I created a model by transferring the table I received from DSA to MDW using view. When I wanted to create the relation diagram of this model, I saw that it could not establish a connection with the view and DSA table. How do I ensure the connection of all tables at the end of the project? There is no problem with Data Linage.

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Hi @ebay 

You can make the relations between a view and the source known by mapping the fields

How to set it up is explained in this part of our Custom views tutorial.


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Dear @ebay ,

Just a quick reply:
You need to set up the parameters in the bottom of the view screen by dragging all the fields you use into the designated area so it will look like this:

After deploying and reading the view fields you need to map the Custom view fields:

You need to make sure that all columns are in there. You can drag the columns to the tables and columns they originate from.

my best practise here is to don;t rename ([ColumnName] As [NewColumnName]) in the view or use this as little as possible so I can use the Auto Map button. This saves me a lot of time.

As on other best practise: I try to use the views as little as possible. 


Hope this helps

= Daniel


Hello @Thomas Lind  and  @daniel  

I understand this. I should avoid changing names in the view as much as possible and ensure that all fields/columns are included. I will try it. 

Thanks and Best Regards.

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Hi all,


as an additional thing to think about: if you are pulling fields with the same name from multiple tables you will probably want to have separate mappings for the field name for each source table. If you are aliasing in your view, you will want to add separate mappings for those as well.

This way, TimeXtender will be able to deal with field name changes properly and your lineage will stay correct. Because this gets pretty complex quickly, as Daniel says: try to minimise using views and only handle a specific complexity in the view instead of all the ET you would want to apply.


Hi @daniel 
Can you send me or here a screenshot of the Relationship Diagram for the example above?

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Dear @ebay 
The Data Lineage:

The Relation Diagram:


Is this what you are looking for?
The data lineage shows me where the data is coming from. The relation diagram is showing the relations the tables has with other tables in my data warehouse. This has nothing to do with the use of the view and the parameters / mapping of that view.

= Daniel