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  • 30 November 2023
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Hi all,

I recently created a bunch of SQL logins in TimeXtender to use in our Database Roles we set. After I did that I found out I made a mistake and I removed those SQL logins from the database. 

However, when I try to edit a database role and try to Add a login, I still see the SQL logins I removed.

To make sure there is nog caching or something involved I waited a few days before checking if they were still there.

Does someone have a solution to remove those logins from the list? I don't want to create new names for my SQL logins just to avoid having the same name as the previous one. Although, if that is the only option I am willing to accept that as well.


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Hi @CarloCDO ,

it depends on how you removed the logins (or users) from SQL. if you are working in Azure SQL DB you will probably have a login in master and a login in your database. There are no contained users as far as I am aware. If you only delete the entry from the database, you will still see the login in master. Note that master is not a database in the traditional sense in Azure SQL DB.

In IaaS / on-prem SQL you can see the instance-wide logins in SSMS under Security under your instance. There are also Users under Security in each database.

Logins are things that are allowed to connect to the engine, users are things (based on logins) that have roles and rights on a database (more or less). 

Hi @rory.smith ,

Thank you! Your answer pointed me in the right direction. I needed to remove the users at the security level as well. After that they were removed from the TimeXtender UI as well.