Revese Data Area feature

  • 27 February 2023
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Can you provide some documentation about this?

How can I use it?

For what it must be used?



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@rvgfox , as far as I am aware this feature allows you to connect to an existing database which already contains tables and other objects and “import” those into TimeXtender by using the Reverse Data Area functionality.

You can choose which obects to import and TimeXtender will, for example, create table structures matching the content of the database. Note that there will not be mappings and movements.


I have personally never used this feature, but it has some overlap with the External SQL Connection feature in the 20.10.x release.

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It is a very old feature and the intention was to help customers with an existing Data Warehouse to get their solution converted into a TimeXtender bases solution.

It reads Tables, fields, View, Stored Procedure and UDFs. Then the idea was to quickly change the connection for the DWH, build your business unit and map data into the reversed DWH.

The External SQL Connection feature is much later and the intention was to utilize data from an existing data warehouse in a TimeXtender based solution, so a more “hybrid” approach.