Set Pre- and post scripts

  • 5 July 2023
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Hi can you add a diagram or something like that to understand when and where that scripts are executed?



Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 5 July 2023, 13:51

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Hi @rvgfox 

We do not have a diagram to show.

Regarding your question.

There is not really a where in this menu about script actions, because it is specifically set run on a specific table.

The when is what you can choose in this menu.

What happens when it is executed is completely up to you, as it will run what script action you have applied.

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Hi @rvgfox 

Please see the following article

In terms of Direct Read Transfer, that refers to the following stored procedure


In terms of data cleansing rules for my Sales.Currency table, that refers to the following stored procedure

I recommend running SQL profiler to understand what objects are affected when you deploy/execute a table.