Sync between ODX and Datawarehouse

  • 20 September 2023
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I am syncing my data between ODX (csv files) and my DSA_Clean data area (Data waehouse). No i’m constantly getting an error that 1 of my previous inserted rows doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve tried to sync all my possible steps, so ODX, Source, Data are, but I keep getting the error and I don’t know hpw to resolve this problem.

I tried several steps:
1 Add the table as new table in my datawarehouse area, but still same error.

2 Remove and add column again



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Hi @r.miltenburg ,


have you run a synchronisation task on your ODX source and subsequently run a synchronize objects on the ODX Server? If you are using the new release that may also show you any unresolved mapping issues detected by TimeXtender. The error indicates that your DSA is expected a column to be available in the ODX that is not (it matches columns by id).

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Dear @r.miltenburg ,

Which version of TX are you using?
When using the ODX server there are a couple of places to sync the ODX.

  1. Sync between the source and the ODX server


  2. Sync between the ODX and the Datawarehouse. This Sync action checks f columns and tableshave changed between the ODX and the Datawarehouse


Hope this helps

= Daniel

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If you look at the table in the Data Source Explorer, does it contain the field it mentions?

If you run the Synchronize Task on the data source, does it still exist in the Data Source Explorer.


Somehow changing the old version to the newer version of TimeXtender fixed my issue. I was unable to sync between ODX and Datawarehouse.