Table Relations using Greater than or Less than Operator

  • 30 March 2023
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I am setting up a table relation where the tables join based on a date range (see screenshot below)

In setting this up in TimeXtender, I noticed that I can only set this up on the lookup field and not as the default relation between the tables.

Does anyone know of a way this can be setup on the default table relation? Or can we had as an enhancement for TX?

(NOTE: I have edited the table names and columns for this post)



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4 replies

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Hi Kerry

No, it is not possible to set this as table relations.

It would be a new feature if it needed to do this.

That said, I have a guide regarding joins using greater and less than operators.

The guide is about exchange rates, but it can be used on all tables where a date range is necessary to get the data.

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Thank you for sending this over, I think this could work for what I need. I currently have something similar already setup but for MTD Customer values so can extend this.

Since I am working with an on premise (legacy) version of TX, if this enhancement ever was added, we would need to migrate to the new Cloud based TX. Is that right?

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Hi @kerry_bespoke! Hope you are doing well! 😊 Yes if the feature were to be added, it would most likely be to the new cloud-based version of TimeXtender and not the legacy version. We plan on releasing a migration tool to help migrate projects from the legacy version to the new cloud-based version of TimeXtender. Please feel free to submit an idea for the table relations feature in the ideas section.

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Hi @Christian Hauggaard ! I am thanks, hope you are as well.

I will add my comments from this post to the ideas section to see if we can add this as a new feature. 

A migration tool sounds exciting! I will look out for that release (: