Tables in DWH won't load data from Business Unit

  • 19 April 2023
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I have a weird issue in my new TimeXtender project, where my tables in my dwh layer won't load data from the Business Unit. 

I have a very simple setup to start with. I have one business unit which loads a couple of tables, and the Bussines unit configured to store data on our “VMTXTD001” server in a database. 

The Datawarehouse uses the same database as the Bussiness Unit and should load from that Business Unit. But when I execute the DWH layer I get this message for all tables: 


Start Time : 4/19/2023 4:14:08 PM End Time : 4/19/2023 4:14:10 PM on server: VMTXTD001
-Execute Execution Package Default 'Failed'
    Invalid object name 'VMTXTD001.dbo.DM_CRM_Replica_dbo__CustomAccount_DSA_dsa_test_T'.
    SQL Server: 'vmtxtd001'
    SQL Procedure: 'dsa.usp_CrDM_dsa_test_CRM_dbo__CustomAccount'
    SQL Line Number: 12
    SQL Error Number: 208
    Invalid object name 'VMTXTD001.dbo.DM_CRM_Replica_dbo__CustomAccount_DSA_dsa_test_T'.

To me the issue appears to be that TimeXtender created the procedure incorrectly. Instead of the database name I see my servername. 

FROM [VMTXTD001].[crm].[DM_CRM_Replica_crm_CustomOutstandingPayments_DSA_dsa_CustomOutstandingPayments_T]

Should be 

FROM [Database name].[crm].[DM_CRM_Replica_crm_CustomOutstandingPayments_DSA_dsa_CustomOutstandingPayments_T]


Do you guys have any idea why this is and how I can fix this.



We use TimeXtender version:


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Hi @Roy VH have you tried a full deploy for the project? Please note that a full load, will fully load incremental tables in your project. In order to fully deploy the project, right click the project and select deploy. Select review tasks and then ensure that the deploy box is checked and select Start.


Hello Christian, 


Yes I have tried that multiple times, sadly with no results.

I have just found the issue, which I think is kind of a bug. But the issue was that I set the “Direct Read” setting in my dwh layer to “Matching Server”. I just changed this to "Disabled” and now it does work. 


The strange thing is that I use this setting in most of my other projects and there it works without issues. Thanks for your reply.

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@Roy VH is the BU (CRM) on the same server as DW (DSA)?

@Christian Hauggaard The data source from the BU is on another server, but the BU storage is on the same server as the dwh.