Did anyone notice that these functions do not seem to work directly on a field? I always have to create a new one to use trim function on the original filed. Am I missing something?

I would like to avoid the repetitive process of manually creating additional fields when I have a table which needs TRIM.


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Which version of TimeXtender are you using?   The current version (20.10.28) allows setting a custom transformation with Trim functions directly on the original filed.

I am two versions below...Will try an upgrade. 

Thanks ...Please close the ticket

We've upgraded. No Trim function is working on a direct field, I am ending up creating a temp field for each and every field in the table to get 'white spaces' out of the text. 

You didn't hear this from anyone else ?

On a side note, On ODX data souring - Is there an option "Un-Select' some fields on a table. They are throwing 'Data Type' issue even after I am applying data type override.


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For an ODX data source, you may explicitly select columns (shown below) 

or write a query table.

For LTRIM issue, please open a support ticket with more details, for our team to review. Thank you!

I've created support ticket on Trim...If you can spare me couple of mins...Would like to hop on a call. I am working on a partner project to Timextender

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Hi Satish, it seems to be working fine for me:


Trim function in general is working but it doesn't when I throw at a source system field (either at DSA or MDW). I am ending up creating a temp field as shown:



I've attached repo to support ticket

Joseph - I may be able to better show if you have couple of mins today, tomorrow or Friday. Any day works for me. This will increase enormous amount of work if I end up using an temp field for every trim operation.

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Hi Satish, I notice in your example you are applying on a primary key in a History table. It's likely that this is what's causing the outcome. 

Please try a Trim on a non-history table, non-primary key field to confirm that it works.

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This was solved by converting the CHAR fields (to which the TRIM was being applied) to Varchar.