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So I am loading historical data into tables in TX created of Excel files. One file for property data, one file for casualty data. After some time the file format changes and they combine these two separate files into one file and add new fields.

Can I create a new data source to load the new file but still use the original worksheet tab names such that the data will still load into the existing tables?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am using Discovery Hub


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Hi Keith, 

Thanks for posting. 

Yes, you can do this by adding the new file as an additional data source, then mapping this new data source table into the same table in the Data Warehouse. This lecture in the online training explains this topic in detail. 

Since this is actually asking about the "merging" of two tables, rather than the data sources themselves, I will move the post into the appropriate section: Data Warehouse. 

Can you specify which module in the online training where I would find this information?


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Hi Cathie, here is where this topic is covered in the new course: 
Exercise: Add Related Records (Superbikes) | TimeXtender Academy

I would like to combine yearly data from multiple files into one table.  I would like to only have one table in the DSA - rather than have one table per year as I have in the ODX.  Is that a viable option?


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Hi Cathie, 

Yes, you simply map each identical ODX table into the same table in the DSA. This will create a UNION of all the records from each source table.


Too easy - thanks - sorry to have bothered you - but many thanks


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No bother at all! ☺