Update table when extra columns are added in ODX

  • 31 May 2023
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I face this issue quite frequently and have not found out how to solve it yet so I’m hoping someone on here can tell me how to do this.

I have a REST data source in which I make a selection of columns. I drag that table into the DSA layer, rename some columns and voila, I have my table. Now I found out that I need some additional columns from the data source so I go into my ODX and in the table selection I include those columns as well. The transfer is succesful and I have my data with additional columns. Now here comes my problem.

I want to sync my table with the data source and add those additional columns to my existing table. When I right-click-drag the table into the DSA layer I can sync, smart sync and sync only with existing fields. The first options adds all columns to the bottom of my table (including the ones I already have). The other two options only sync the columns that I already have…

Hope that someone can help me out as I face this more often in development.


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4 replies

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What you are looking for works with the option Synchronize with table XXX. However, renamed columns will also be added with their original name.

I do agree that a more user-friendly function would be useful. Generally I just drag-and-drop newly added fields from the right pane (‘Data Movement’) to the DSA table. You can easily see which columns are not in the table yet, as the are not marked bold.

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@erik.van.mastrigt Thanks for the reply. Check, so a function to only add new columns would be nice. 
However I don’t see the data movement pane when I click on my data source. Could that be because it is a REST source? I only see the table information as seen in the screenshot below


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I found the solution in this thread: 

After clicking sync objects, I do see the new columns when I click on my mapping and I can drag them in from the data movement pane!

Thanks for the help @erik.van.mastrigt 

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Hi @Niels Jonker ,

I have this sometimes. What also ight help is synchronizing the ODX. Sometimes I do not see the newly added fields and then I know to synchronize the ODX and then I can either synchronze the table or drag the new columns to my data warehouse.


= Daniel