Updating table values - history settings

  • 20 March 2023
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I have loaded a table with some initial data  (== initial stoock). The key is quiet simple  Company, Warehouse and Item

Now I want to update the amounts every day so that it reflects the actual stock level of data day

The initial load was done from one source , the updates come from another sources 

History settings  have natural jkey set , and all non lookup fields are updsated  (type 1)

Nevertheless the record is not updated 

Any idea ‘why’ the update is not working


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2 replies

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Hi @alain.thire 

Can you please add some screenshots of the table and the history settings similar to below?




I got it working now. In fafct I have a feeder for historical data and an incremental insert for the updates.  I remloved the incremental insert , and things work. 

Not sure ‘why’ because the proposed settings were always used but it looks like working 

Thanks anyway