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  • 10 February 2021
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I have a table with fields defined (call it Table B), but no mapping.  I am inserting into this by using Table Insert (from Table A).  Think Table A -> inserted into -> Table B.  In the picture below Table A is Projects from D365 at the bottom of the picture.  Table B is everything else in the image.  


DataAreaId is a field defined on Table B and is populated successfully from the table insert.  I would like to have a field, Field C, that simply does a custom transformation which places the value of DataAreaID into Field C.  While the Table B is fully deployed and executed, I am finding that Field C is unpopulated.  In fact all fields in the image that take values not from the Table Insert directly are unpopulated meaning I also can't assign constants.    

So, all of the DimensionDisplayValue - xxxx fields in the picture are empty after executing.  I have also noticed to my surprise that the raw table is empty.  Not sure if this is by design or if something on Table B can be reconfigure to allow this approach to work.  

I don't want to extend table A with these fields because Table A servers many masters and as masters get revised I don't want to spend a lot of time determining the impact of master changes on other masters.  I could duplicate the referenced 10 to 30 columns per master to mitigate the above concern in Table A, but that would really bloat Table A and doesn't feel esthetically pleasing. 

Lastly, the icon beside each transform above has an image like below.  Is the image indicating something important, I can't make it out.  I couldn't find a page that documents all of the icons used in Discovery Hub. 

Ideas would be appreciated.




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Hi Greg.

Notice the Data Destination Table on the Table Insert, try setting it to Raw. Dose this solve your problem?

Regards JJ (Jens Jørn)

Yes.  Thanks.  That was it.