Configuring ODX Service Account

  • 19 October 2021
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I've been trying to configure the ODX server properly in order tot est TX and complete the course, but I'm having some difficulty.

  1. I've downloaded both ODX and TX, I have activated them with the key and client secret;
  2. I've made a new local user in the Admin group called TX Service;
  3. I've given this user sysadmin rights in the newly created database TX_project_repository.

Now if I try to load data on this screen, it fails:

With the following error in the log:

Seems like it cannot access the database.

The service is also not functioning, trying to jumpstart the scheduler manually gives this error:

Please advise me on this issue.


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7 replies

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Hi Harun

If you see this guide 

Specifically this part called

Assign the Service Account to the correct Project Repository

It explains how you start TX as a specific user. I want you to do this as the user account that you want to run the service. When you are in and point at the correct repository try to restart the service.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the quick response!

Whenever I try starting TX with the TXService account, it asks me to activate the product again.

After using the license key, I get this error:

My license key should be valid until next friday.

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Your user account seem to lack the proper access rights.
Try to locate the folder it attempts to store the codeletter file in. Can you gain access to this with the service user account?

Yes I can access the folder, but I can't find the xml file (Codeletter) in this folder, this might be the cause?

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It is the program that creates it. What if you open TimeXtender yourself and reactivates the program, does a file appear then?

I went to Help >> Activate Client

Used the key, activate over internet, activation was successful.

On the meantime refreshing the folder, no file appeared...


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Creating a ticket for our support team.  As mentioned above, it looks like an access permissions issue.