Data loss after Deploy And Execute in DSA

  • 5 September 2023
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Hello to all the community!😃

When I make any change to any table and run deploy and execute, at the end of the procedure, I find he table with very little data compared to what should be present (example out of 90.000 records it loads only 4.100). I tried to check the various settings but I don't see anything wrong, can you give me some advice?


TimeXtender vers.


Thank you in advance


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7 replies

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@M.Davide Is it the table incremental?

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Hi @M.Davide 

You should check the Errors view to see if the missing rows are located there.

Errors menu access explained.


Hi all,

the table is incremental, with a lot of data. When I make any change and need to deploy it, I lose any record, it’s like a truncate table. It happen randomly, but very frequently on FACT table.

The problem is not about primary key o validation rule, because there was not any change on them

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@M.Davide what type of change are you making to the table? when you say you lose “any” record, do you mean all records or only some records?

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@M.Davide could please let us know what change you are making to the incremental table? Thanks!

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Hi @M.Davide,

Probably this is due the fact that you have to perfom a full load (after the change) instead of an incremental load. For example if you add a new field to the table the change also has effect on previously loaded rows. Therefore you have to perform a full load once after such change. After that, the table can be loaded incremental again.


See this link to see how to perfom a full load manually. → section: WHAT IS AUTOMATIC INCREMENTAL LOAD? Subject: Just Once

Please let us know if this has solved the issue.

Kind regards,


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Dear @M.Davide ,


To add to @devin.tiemens . I usually load all FULL in development. If you dont want to or it takes to long I have set up a execution package to just load that table and set the full load objects tab to the total project.



Or you can full load by going to the Review Tasks when Deploying (and Executing)



This works if you deploy the total project or a single table but does not work with perspectives. Watch out when trying to do this with perspectives because you will deploy (and execute) other tables as well and this might take a long time or break the project when working with more than 1 developer.

Hope this helps

= Daniel