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  • 19 August 2021
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I recently had a project get corrupted, and I had to revert back to a prior version.  When I did this, it appears as though some aspect of the metadata got scrambled.  When I open the project, all of the tables and other objects show up.  But when I go to deploy any table, regardless of red/black state, the database throws an error "There is already an object named <mytable> in the database."  It is as though TX is sending a CREATE statement instead of an ALTER.  I can manually delete the table(s) and related function to make this error go away for my one table, but I have hundreds of tables, some of which have many months of history.   All of my tables show up in the treeview controls, however when I use the SQL Database Cleanup Tool, none are listed in "Current Project Objects".  They are all listed in "Unknown Project".  Is there any way to recover from this without having to drop all tables and deploy/execute?


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How did you "revert" to the prior version?  Did you choose "Save As" or a simple "Save" ?

Instead of making a new copy via "Save As", you may "Save" it as the latest version, then Deploy & Execute.

If that does not solve the issue, please open a ticket with support.

I have the same issue now, what was the solution ?

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When you use the save as option, you are actually copying the entire project to become another one. This means that now there are two projects using the exact same databases and that is not allowed.

So you need to rename the databases and deploy all tables and do a full execution to have these two projects existing at the same time.