TimeXtender UI is intermittently slow

Hello there, we’ve been experiencing intermittent slowness in the TimeXtender UI within the past few weeks.  Even doing simple things like right clicking on a execution package to view the logs, trying to see the status of an ODX transfer job, etc. will sometimes cause the UI to feel like it’s just not responding (no lotus status UI) for 30 seconds to minutes.

This isn’t something that happens all the time and we haven't been able to nail down a root cause.  
Our VM where the UI is running is rarely over 30% CPU usage and we usually have over 80% memory free.  Same goes for the VM that the ODX is running on.  

How do you even begin to troubleshoot this when the UI is slow to respond?  

The TimeXtender UI is on version  
The TimeXtender ODX server is on version 20.10.37



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Hi @robert.kangas 

TimeXtender records details of every execution. These logs can result in growth of the TimeXtender repository database, especially if your projects have execution packages that run more than once per day. Removing older logs can help reduce the repository's size. Can you please try removing some older execution logs? For more information see this article

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Hi @robert.kangas ,

in addition to Christian's suggestion: if your project has many versions stored in the repository database this can also contribute to slowness. That can be reduced by going to a new repository database. If you are running your repository database server on-prem / IaaS, you might also have a rather large log file if your database configuration is not optimal.

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Hi @robert.kangas were you able to resolve the issue based on the answers above? If so, please help us by marking a best answer above. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions