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  • 31 March 2023
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While talking to TimeXtender, other people, and upgrading TimeXtender a lot of different numbers are thrown around. For some of those the definition and messaging is clear, but others less so.

While upgrading the latest patch I encounter:

  • Software (build?) version: 6221.1
  • Instance version: (I assume something like Cloud Repository structure version?)
  • TimeXtender Next Gen (in articles on the community)
  • API version (if your ODX Server and TimeXtender desktop mismatch)

To avoid going down the path that IBM or Microsoft took with a flurry of different numbers that you all need to understand and be careful about, it would be nice to have a place in the Community that lists all these things. This makes it much easier to triage issues and create a “common parlance” between partners, customers and TimeXtender.


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We could create this in our FAQ area. What all numbers you can experience means.

I would also add to that, that we have a multitude of CData provider versions.

We also have legacy versions of TimeXtender that got different names along with the numbers.