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We are extending the user group of people using TimeXtender and we want them to follow the same courses as we did. However on the old training site the TimeXtender - Basics course cannot be accessed by them anymore. For those of us who have already followed it, it is still available. 

Can it be made available to new users again?




Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 10 July 2023, 13:35

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Hi @Agnes.Souman 

I think this is the old training.

Hi @Thomas Lind ,

Yes, that is the url to the courses, but my colleagues can only see the Advanced, Optimisation and Business Unit course, not the Basics one.

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I could see it when I was logged in, so it may be some rights thing. They were logged in when they tried to do this right?

@Thomas Lind Yes, they were logged in when they tried to see the course. If it would have been a rights thing, they wouldn't see the other courses either I guess. But it is only the Basics course they can't see.

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Hi @Agnes.Souman 

The basics course has been unlisted. As you mention, the result is that only those who were previously registered for the course can see it. The new training should cover all the topics in the old Basics training plus much more of the latest features and functionality. If you could please let us know if there are any topics which are not covered by the new training that were covered in the old Basics course, that would be much appreciated

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Dear @Christian Hauggaard 

That's to bad. There are still a lot of clients on the older version of TX and it would be great to still be able to serve newcomers with this training and information.

@Agnes.Souman :
I still have some training materials for the older versions available which I use to do the Basic training. It is a static document but it might help you? If you want we could also set up an training through teams perhaps?

Hi @daniel ,

I agree with you that it would be easier if the old material would remain available. Thanks for your proposal to share what you have available, but we can manage with the combination of the old training and new training material.