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  • 24 March 2023
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Hi everyone


After successful synchronization of a csv file, I get an error in the transfer job. The error is: ‘The schema XXXData_CSV is invalid. Execution is canceled’ 


But with Query Tool I can see all of data. In addition If I click to preview this source in ODX , I take this error  'the sql server contains no data for the table'. 


What changes should I make to the schema of this csv data?


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Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 24 March 2023, 16:02

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5 replies

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Hi @ebay in order to troubleshoot, do you have a dummy csv file similar to the one you are connecting to? Can you also please share the data source settings?

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Also, what is the Row Scan Depth set to? Please try increasing this value and then running the sync and transfer tasks again


I send you the changes I made. I increased Row Scan from 0 to 105. But doesnt work.

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OK 0 is infinite so increasing that property will not help in this case. I recommend keeping it at zero, so that it scans all records before determining the data types.

Thanks for providing the data source settings. Do you have a dummy csv file (perhaps a subset of non-sensitive records) I can test with?


Thanks @Christian Hauggaard . I will send you the csv file that I work on.