URL's in training material outdated - Can i get the correct links?

  • 24 February 2023
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Hello all,

I'm new to TimeXtender and wanted to start with the training material.

However, not even 5 minutes into the material. I'm finding so many links to dead or not used pages.


For example:

The TimeXtender user interface is a standard Windows application with a menu bar, a toolbar and a number of tabs that contain the different objects you will be working with. For more detailed information, please see The User Interface.

Points to a page not found.

New to TimeXtender and want to get a Trial License?

If you are NOT working with a TimeXtender partner but are interested in a trying out our data management platform you can get started with a Trial License and Sandbox Environment here.

Points to a 404 page.

I would really like to get started with the material, and some dead pages are ok i guess, but there are a lot in there. Could this maybe be fixed?

Also could you point me to the page where i could get a trial license to get started?
Thank you in advance!

best regards,


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Hi Micheal

The links you are referring to is for V20 training. The latest training for V21 can be found here - The latest training encompasses the basic course from the older training.

I can get the links checked for the older V20 training.