Any possibility to read CDATA connection strings in clear text from repository?

  • 13 February 2023
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Dear support,
Historically, my customer is using several dozens of CData CSV or Excel file data sources.
They have setup all those sources as Global Databases. Now they have to refactor file paths in all environments. Last Friday we were investigating if it was possible to retrieve the CDATA connection strings to those files by querying the repo but without success. For standard TX file data sources, it's possible to retrieve XML properties from GlobalDatabase tables but for CDATA (see picture 1), there is no obvious link to a CDataDataSourceID and even if we succeed to make this link, the connection string in the CDataDataSources table is hashed (see picture 2). Any possibility to decrypt this string or is the CData configuration stored somewhere else? Also nothing about CData connection string when we generate the project documentation =(


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Hi Michael

Can you please explain the purpose of extracting the CData connection strings from the repo? What is the end goal you are trying to achieve?

Hi Christian, 

Confirmed by Thomas Lind that we cannot read from the repository the 56 connection string of CDATA data sources becaus it is encrypted. Then we assume that we msut edit all the CData Data sources in the global data sources , in all envrionnment manually. We would like to know if there a way to see/read the configurationof CDATA in clear text in order to check if update are corrects in all envrionnements.

Just added some screenshots  Fig 1. select on global single text fle data sources has readable XML properties for standard files connectors, for  CDATA, even in ad hoc repo tables connections are encrypted then no update in once possible et no possibilities of checks that manually updates are ok.

Fig 1 - TX CSV standard connector 
Fig 2. CDATA data sqource encrypted connectons strinf :-(


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@michael.laenen as far as I am aware there is no simple and secure way to decrypt these currently, or any way to export them as part of the documentation. Please feel free to submit an idea in our ideas section.